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Special Designs by Bob Timberlake

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Leather Swatches mailed

After viewing the leather swatches and you would like to see the leathers in person (highly recommended), Use the link below for the Leather Sample Packet

We can send up to 5 free leather samples with a color brochure.  If you need more than 5, you can order up to 12 samples at a charge of $1.00 each for any amount over 5 . There is a small charge for postage to help us offset the cost of mailing. Upon purchase of your furniture we will refund the cost of the swatches up to 12.

If after receiving the smaller samples and you would like to see a Larger version of your final selection before purchase . We offer a larger loaner version ( 6" x 8" and/or 8" x 12") at $25.00 each + priority mail, for up to 30 days to review with a refund (less shipping ). If you have a special request or need assistance please call 800.388.8127.

To order the "Leather Sample Packet".

To order the "Large Leather Loaner Swatch".