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How to Measure  a Sofa !

How to Measure a Sofa !

Posted by JW on 27th Feb 2024


A Leather Sofa is a fantastic addition to any living or family room. On top of being the most

durable upholstery covering, it is stylish, enduring and long-lasting. 

There are many dimensions that may be confusing that are used in the furniture industry. So we will break those

down, so it is easier to understand.

It is important to know what will fit in your room , especially when working with us online.

Following these steps will help the designer/sales person make sure things fit like you expect.

Before you start, make sure all cushions are pushed back against the frame inside rail and back pillows straightened. 

Some sofas may have fixed cushions , where others are loose and can be removed. Many older sofas will have cushion

compression from use and may sit much deeper than when it was new. 

It will be easier to have someone help you hold the tape measure in the proper areas to get an accurate measurement. 

Measuring outside dimensions for a Sofa

1. Outside Width :this is taken from the widest point, left to right when facing a sofa. Include arm angles or any part

that overhangs, or is the widest point. If arms slant out measure from widest point.

2. Outside Height: this is measured from the floor to very top of back or cushion that sticks up the highest.

Many times the cushion is above the back rail, so be sure and measure the cushion at its peak.

3. Outside Depth: this is measured from the very front part of the sofa and extends all the way  to the back of the

sofa. This includes any cushion overhang at front and any pitch of the back of the sofa as depicted in the diagram.

Measuring inside dimensions for a Sofa

1. Inside Seat Width: this is measured from in between the arms generally, wherever the body fits between

the arms from left to right.

2. Inside Back Height: this is measured from the top of the seat cushion to the very top of the back

pillow where the head would reside.

3. Inside Seat Depth: this is measured from the inside back pillow (where your back is when seated) to the

very front of the seat cushion. Be sure and include the point of the seat that overhangs the frame, not just the

seam of the seat.

Other measuring dimensions for a Sofa

1. Arm width : measure the widest point of the arm, left to right.

2. Seat Height: measure from the floor to the top of the crown of the seat cushion (not the seam).

3. Foot height: measure from floor to top of foot.

4. Back Rail height: measure from floor to top part of frame back rail.

5. Arm height: measure from floor to top roundness of arm.


Measuring from your existing furniture helps to know what will fit in a room if this is an option. Then these dimensions can be compared to what you want to purchase. Keep in mind with our brand American Heritage Custom we can customize the dimensions to the inch.


By following these steps, you should be able to measure your room accurately and determine the

right size sofa and possibly companion pieces to fit in the room.  Inside seat depth, seat height and back height are

important dimensions to know if a sofa will fit the body. Remember to take into account the

overall scale and style of the room, as well as any other furniture and traffic flow to ensure a

comfortable and functional living space.