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Full Grain leather vs Top Grain vs Enhanced Grain vs Split Grain vs Bonded Leather Part 1 of 2

Full Grain leather vs Top Grain vs Enhanced Grain vs Split Grain vs Bonded Leather Part 2 of 2

Palliser.. Life of a Sofa

Luxury Motion

Explanation of Leather Furniture frame and spring construction.

Palliser Head Rest Articulating

Leather Terms Explained in Furniture

American Heritage Leather Cushion features

Palliser 41032 ForestHill Sectional Power

Palliser 41638 Springfield

Palliser 77881 Connecticut

Palliser 42008 Hillsborough

Palliser Marcella 77563

Palliser 77428 Willowbrook

Palliser 77493 Cato

Palliser 41120 San Francisco

Palliser 41077 Shields

Palliser Providence 41034

Palliser 41077 Shields

Harrington Sofa by American Heritage

Lassiter (Lancaster) Extra Deep

Palliser Miami Sectional

Palliser 41104 Charleston

Westpoint 41121 Palliser Sofa

Bradington-Young 920 Whitaker Sectional

A.H.Custom Arm Series

Palliser 42306 Pinecrest Lift Chair

Palliser Bari Power Sofa

Palliser Yellowstone 42211 Recliner Sofa

Bradington Young Greco 613

E.R. Downtown Cowboy

A.H.Coventry Sofa

A.H Sundance Sofa Series

Palliser Troon Sofa Set

Palliser Electric Recline Demo

Leather Recliner Showdown-Comparision

Palliser My Comfort Sleep System-Holiday

Palliser HomeTheater Buttkicker Install

American Heritage Cushion Features

Store Walk Through

TV Commercial Sale

April Tv Commercial

Whitaker Sectional by Bradington-Young 900 series

Leather Finishes explained

Lincoln Sectional

Leather Terms Explained, Full top grain, Top grain, Splits etc

Frame and Spring Construction in Leather Furniture Explained

Lincoln Sectional

Bradington-Young Armando Recliner part of 900 series

Alta Recliner by Bradington-Young

Vintage Furniture Classics -Chesterfield

Buckingham Sofa by Presidential Leather

Palliser Rosebank Sectional 77429

Envision Twitter Sofa E130 by Bradington-Young

Power Sofa model San Francisco by Palliser

Providence Power Sofa by Palliser

Norwood Power Sofa by Palliser leather

Marcella leather sofa by Palliser

Barbara Sofa in white leather by Palliser

Custom series by American Heritage

Westend Leather Sectional by Palliser

Tuscan Sofa by Baja

My Comfort Collection by Palliser

James Collection by Leather Italia

Dalton Collection by Leather italia

Bradington-Young Story

Kendle Chesterfield Sofa by Lazzaro

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