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10 Reasons to Buy Leather Furniture Online?

10 Reasons to Buy Leather Furniture Online?

24th Aug 2021




When you come into the market for new furniture , most do not think of shopping for leather furniture online.

The more you rationalize, the more it makes sense, especially in today's environment. 

We will present 10 Reasons , why it makes perfect sense to shop and buy this way compared to a traditional

furniture store in your neighborhood. Many people have bought clothes, jewelry, shoes, even food online, but

not furniture.

It is a totally different mindset . Many think they need to sit first, but with expert help, this can be addressed

with a few questions for fit and comfort.


Online you can shop and see much more product to choose from. When you visit a leather specialist, you can

focus on the best brand, top models and designs. 

When you visit a local store, you can see a variety  of  furniture, but rarely a large selection of leather furniture.

If there is a better quality store in your area, odds are they may have 1 or 2 models of anything better built

like an American made leather set.  

Then of course, it will not be the model or style you end up wanting to buy. Most stores will  only have

imported furniture from China or Vietnam, many more cheaper priced brands . 


At your local furniture store, you search most of the day and finally find something that may work. Then you

wonder if it is cheaper down the street. 

What do you do?  Grab the phone , place a call, then wait for a salesman to pick up. Hope they carry the same

product so you can compare prices. If the store is close enough you visit and do the entire process all over.


Online you can compare prices, focus on a budget for your room and make better decisions with out the

embarrassment of maybe walking in to the wrong store.

Testimonials and Reviews

When looking at furniture in store, some looks worn, maybe threads loose, and cushions sagging. You then

wonder, if you buy this, will it be worse when we get it home? 

Reading  Reviews and Testimonials  can help guide you on what other people have experienced. It can give you

some ideas to popular styles and models and what is more comfortable. It also can guide you to what is

durable and long lasting for feel and looks. 

Other people have had the experience of buying online and can enlighten you to timing and other particulars

like delivery.

Save Time

Think of how many furniture stores are in your area. Then think of the time on your weekend driving around,

finding the right store . Then entering the store , having a salesman greet you and  try to find what you like.

Can you imagine how much time this can take? And with many couples, at least one or both people hates this

process. How many places do you have to visit and which ones have quality furniture?

You usually visit the ones you hear on TV or read in print. These tend to be the mass merchants and usually

are not the best place to find quality leather furniture.  

Time can be money, and you can spend a lot of it in this way. Whether you choose to shop online or venture

out, we put this Leather Furniture guide together years ago to help provide an outline for what to look for when

shopping for quality leather furniture.

Don't forget to Measure

More then likely you head out to shop at the store and find a piece of furniture you like, then wonder if it will

 fit in you room. So many stores have large and tall environments and judging what will fit can be difficult.

I am sure this has happened to you, forgetting to write down the length of the sofa you liked and then maybe

needing to know how deep, especially with buying several pieces.

Shopping online is easy? Dimensions are provided with detailed product information making it easy

to layout your room. Need help with that , Chat, Email, or a quick phone call is all that is needed.

Just measure your area you want the room to have filled with furniture and give that to the

online store and they can make sure what will work.

Speak with a Specialist

How many times have you went furniture shopping only to get a salesperson with no clue on what you are

interested in buying?  It is not their fault, many times, most of the salespeople have to be versed on many

products the store offers and most are not experts in any.

Here is where your online Leather Furniture Specialist can be a valuable asset.  You will be immersed in 

education, prospective, and experience that many local stores cannot provide.

Avoid Salesmen and Crowds

Most are not a fan of a pushy salesman, and most can be a pain.  Why always be directed to the most profitable

commissioned sofa?  Usually, you would like to shop and find something of interest in peace.  

Then of course, the weekends can be the busiest time for shopping in store when people are off from work and

have time to do this. This can be another pet peeve, dealing with crowds, waiting for help ,or a simple question

getting answered.

When you shop online, magically none of these pressures exist. Take your time viewing and narrowing down

your selection with no one looking over your shoulder ....except perhaps a loved one.

Expert Opinion

Finding a local store with years of experience in Leather Furniture can be difficult.  If you do find a store that 

has some selection to choose from, getting an expert opinion can be tough. Many stores are solely biased on

their own offerings. It is obvious they show and sell what they feel is complimentary to the market

the want to address.

So when you shop there, you are not getting the full picture of what may be available in the industry as a

whole. This is due to the fact they want to sell you what they carry in their store. 

A  Manufacturer Ranking Chart can give you more of an idea what brands are the best in leather furniture and

how they compare to their peers. This chart was originally compiled  in 1996  and copyrighted by the owner of 

Leather Shoppes to give insight to who makes the best leather  furniture. Brands here are pre-vetted for

reliability, warranty and service.

Shop at your Leisure

 Don't you hate to have to shop just on the weekends when you are off , or during a lunch break?

 How about you get to the store only to find they are already closed?  

This can be frustrating!

Shopping online is a a much better option, so you can view furniture 24 hours a day , 7 days a week .

No need to worry about if a store is open or closed or close by or not. 

Free Shipping and Delivery

At local store, you make that selection only to find out there is a delivery charge on top of everything else.

Well, maybe you can just pick it up your self,  oh, we do not have a truck. 

Maybe we can borrow a neighbors truck or rent one. Then not to speak of having multiple pieces to deal with

and what about the weight of each. Many are very heavy and need two men to lift, sometimes three, when it is

reclining furniture.

Shopping online you can get Free Shipping. Wouldn't  it be nice to have a professional

deliver directly to  your home or office?  How about placing it inside and assembling anything that may

be needed, removing any debris and making sure it all operates.

How can an online store do this?  Well, not having the overhead of a big box store, the extra handling that has

to be done when shipping to the store first, prepped, stored, warehoused then put on a another truck to

be delivered.

Remember it is always best for furniture to be handled fewer times.

When the online store has the furniture picked up directly from the manufacturer and routed the best and

most practical way is a huge advantage and savings for you.


So many reasons, many more than we addressed here. For just the savings in cost, time, and selection alone is 

fantastic reasons to purchase your next furniture online.

Occasionally, we get a person that says " I Need To Sit On It First", by all means go ahead and do it , shopping

online might not be for everyone. Sometimes it requires thinking outside of the box and approaching this way

of buying compared to what we have always been accustomed to.

We hope you can take advantage of this ease of shopping online, plethora of ideas and design tips,  and 

money you can save by doing so. Leather Shoppes gives you this advantage as compared what shopping locally

offers to you.

Need expert help, or your room layout perfected, give us a chat, call or email. We will give you

the personal help and knowledge you cannot find locally.