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5  Reasons to consider investing in American Made Leather Furniture.

5 Reasons to consider investing in American Made Leather Furniture.

Posted by JW on 14th Feb 2023

Leather is one of man's earliest and most useful discoveries. Our ancestors used leather to protect themselves from the elements. Primitive man hunted wild animals for food, then made clothing, footwear and crude tents from the hides. Like then, hides used today are a by-product. Animals are raised for the meat, dairy and wool industries, not for their hides. Roughly half of all leather produced today is used to make shoes, and about 25% for clothing. Upholstery demands only around 15% of the total product. captions The tanning process from the early 1900's. Wall paintings and artifacts in Egyptian tombs dating back to 5000 B.C. indicate that leather was used for sandals, clothes, gloves, buckets, bottles, shrouds for burying the dead and for military equipment. The ancient Greeks are credited with developing tanning formulas using certain tree barks and leaves soaked in water to preserve the leather. This was the first record of vegetable tanned leather, which became a well-established trade in Greece around 500 B.C. Vegetable tanned leathers are still produced today and remain an active ingredient in modern tannages. The Romans made extensive use of leather for footwear, clothes, and military equipment including shields, saddles and harnesses. Due to its durability and comfort, leather has been used for seating throughout the history of transportation and furniture. It has always been the ideal material for making saddles and tack, as well as footwear. During the Middle Ages, leather became the cover of choice for dining chairs, because it was easy to maintain and did not absorb the odor of food. The spread of industrialization in the 18th and 19th centuries created a demand for new kinds of leathers, such as belting leathers to drive machinery. The invention of the automobile, the demand for softer, lightweight footwear with a fashionable appearance, and a general rise in the standard of living created a demand for soft, supple, colorful leather. The traditional vegetable tanned leather was too hard and thick for these requirements and thus, the use of chromium salt was adopted and chrome tanning became the standard for modern footwear, fashion and upholstery leathers. Modern technology has allowed for innovation in the leather industry, as the development of chemicals and sophisticated processing methods have greatly expanded the aesthetics and feel of leather as well as the possible applications. Leather continues to be the material of choice, not just for commercial and residential furniture but for automotive, aviation and marine applications as well.

 Here are 5 Reasons why to  Invest in American Made Leather Furniture

1.Quality craftsmanship: 

American-made leather furniture is known for its superior craftsmanship. Furniture

manufacturers in the United States adhere to strict quality standards, using high-quality materials and paying

close attention to detail. As a result, American-made leather furniture is more durable and long-lasting than

furniture made in other countries.


When you invest in American-made leather furniture, you're supporting sustainable manufacturing

practices. Furniture manufacturers in the United States prioritize sustainability and eco-friendliness, using

materials and processes that are less harmful to the environment. By choosing American-made 

leather furniture, you're making a more sustainable choice.

3.Local economy:

When you buy American-made leather furniture, you're supporting local businesses and

contributing to the local economy. This helps to create jobs and support the growth of the community.

Additionally, many American-made leather furniture manufacturers source their materials locally, further

supporting the local economy.


American-made leather furniture manufacturers offer a wide range of customization options,

allowing you to create a piece of furniture that is uniquely tailored to your needs and preferences. From

choosing the leather color and texture to selecting the perfect size and style, American-made leather furniture

offers unparalleled customization options.

5.Timeless design: 

American-made leather furniture is known for its timeless design, meaning that it will never go

out of style. This makes it a wise investment, as you can enjoy your furniture for many years to come without

worrying about it becoming dated or unfashionable. Additionally, American-made leather furniture is often

passed down from generation to generation, becoming a treasured family heirloom.

In summary, 

There are many reasons to invest in American-made leather furniture, including superior craftsmanship,

sustainability, support for the local economy, customization options, and timeless design. By choosing

American-made leather furniture, you're making a wise investment that you'll enjoy for many years to come.