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Should I buy Hancock and Moore Leather Furniture?

Should I buy Hancock and Moore Leather Furniture?

30th Aug 2021


Hancock and Moore  leather furniture is well known for some of the finest built leather furniture today.

Started by Jack Glasheen and Jimmy Moore in 1981, both came from Classic Leather and were in production

and management. 

When those two started Hancock and Moore, they wanted to go in a different direction then the company they

previously worked for. They combed the US and visited many key dealer accounts that were Classic leather

and gave them exclusivity in their trading areas if they came on board with their newly found company called

Hancock and Moore.

With this approach , there was only a few select dealers in a trade area and those had to be high end

in the market, as Hancock and Moore was only building better end Designer leather furniture.

While they make an impeccable product, it is very pricey at retail and finding it at a discount was

almost impossible due to strict pricing requirements set by the manufacturer. With one Dealer in a given

major City, it did not leave much choices for comparing prices as it limited competition.



                                                               Hancock and Moore image

The Same Quality is Available

If you are looking for one of the finest built American Made Leather Furniture choices, Hancock and Moore

is one of those, but there are alternatives  and you do have choices. The sofa above is made by Hancock and

Moore and is a older classic style  Chesterfield  that is very popular.

A fantastic option without giving up on any quality build aspects, but at a much better value is  American

Heritage Custom Leather made exclusively for Leather Shoppes. Built in the same area of the country and

constructed with the same leather , framing , and suspension that you can only find with high end Heirloom 

type furniture .

Below is the same design with length and color options , two or three cushions , and much

more, so you can get the same quality reasonably priced.

    Coventry Chesterfield Tufted Leather Sofa

                                                                Coventry Sofa

In 2015  , Hancock and Moore was purchased by Century Furniture Family brands and they continued their

legacy of quality, design and durability. Many want the high quality furniture that is built in mainly the North

Carolina/ Virginia area of the country. Here a high concentration of craftsmen reside with decades of

experience of hand crafting furniture.

So to that point, we have other options without the built in overhead costs of older legacy brands and

without sacrificing any quality .

Why Settle?

Here is another great look , sophisticated, and has an impeccable design for detail and shape.

        Sundance Leather Sofa and Chair set

                                                                    Sundance Sofa Set

Leather Shoppes and American Heritage Custom Leather offer the same products with attention to detail

100's of color options and choices for stitching, cushioning and other customizing not found on other brands.  

You do not have to settle for overpriced priced leather furniture and limited customization.

We offer all of the choices and styles with something you can buy one time and enjoy for years. If you have 

special requirements as to size or depth, we can build it  " To The Inch"  so the possibilities are endless.

We ship nationwide for free, have options for in home delivery and setup and if you would like to 

finance your purchase over time, not a problem.

We have been doing this and more since 1988 and would love to build one for you.