What Is a Wall Hugger Recliner ?

What Is a Wall Hugger Recliner ?

Posted by JW on 10th Aug 2021

What Is a Wall Hugger Recliner ?
Fall into comfort, recline, and save space at the same time.

                                                  Palliser Providence Wall hugger

There is nothing like coming home from a long day at work and looking forward to a plush, comfortable wall-hugger recliner. Most recliners take up so much room in a family room or bedroom , it was normally not feasible - until now.

A innovative streamlined mechanism was designed years ago and was implemented into some of the most comfortable chairs. This feature allows a wall hugger to be placed into just about any room and function .

                                                           Davidson Wall Hugger by Bradington-Young

                            How Does a Wall Hugger Recliner Work?

A wall hugger recliner, or wall-away is a reclining chair that can be placed within a few inches of a wall and will still recline. This type of chair is on a track under the chair that allows it to move forward into the room. The last part of the movement reclines back a few inches as the foot ottoman extends. Generally 2-4 inches from the wall designates the space saving feature. The benefit of wall huggers is that they optimize the space available by allowing you to utilize the room to fit.  



Most recliners that you see with legs or feet under the chair take approximately 9"-20" inches to recline. This is especially true of a LayFlat recliner. This recliner reclines and the seat cushion does not move but the foot rest starts to open and the back then reclines. This makes it difficult to operate in a room setting without hitting other things placed in the room unless the recliner sits out in the open by itself.


Zero Wall recliner is the latest generation of reclining feature that allows a chair to sit flush with any wall and fully recline without hitting it. From behind the recliner it looks exactly like a stationary chair as far as design aspects.

                                 Best Wall Hugger Recliners for 2021

Here are some of our picks for the best wall huggers for 2021, based on popularity, style, comfort and features.

My Comfort Yellowstone

* Yellowstone Wall hugger Recliner         *Denali Wall Hugger Recliner           *Baltic Wall Hugger Recliner

Best feature: Great size, versatile options         Best Feature: Slightly bigger           Best Feature: Great size and power 

comes in 85 colors and 2 seat sizes.                 and has 8 different mechanisms.    head and seat with touch of a button.


                          Davidson Wall Hugger 7534                              Norman Power head and seat with swivel option

         Best Feature: Power is available or manual.                                    Best feature: Articulating head rest along with power

                      A swivel can be added  .                                                               seat. USB with power option and battery packs.

                            Here are some more choices of the  Best made leather recliners.