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Why Should I Choose a Power Recliner in 2021?

Why Should I Choose a Power Recliner in 2021?

Posted by JW on 12th Aug 2021

How reliable is a power recliner and what is the difference between Power and Manual recline?

Asher Power Recliner with articulating head rest

                                          Asher Power recliner with articulating head rest and USB

Are you shopping for a new recliner?  You are not alone, many people are in the market for reclining furniture

and recliner chairs are the most popular.

If you shopped around or just starting out, you probably have heard of Power recliners and  interested in

getting your very own.

Power recliners are a huge improvement of manual recliners, where you have to push back manually to

recline, and this option is a small upcharge to get power.

What features are available for your needs? What type of power recliner furniture will make

life more comfortable and easier to use?   Is every power recliner the same? 

What feature and benefits do power recliners offer me compared to manual recliners that I have been used to?

Read on and we will  touch on the reliability of power and the features that are available today to you in what

may be the most important seat in the house.

  Power Recliners are Stress-Less

The concept of a recliner chair is to be able to sit

back and relax from a hard day or enjoy your

favorite show.

Rather than needing a handle or having to push

back on the arms to recline, a simple touch of a

button  performs the operation.

The latest in tech innovation meets the recliner to

allow features like Power seats, Power articulating

head rests Power Lumbar and Power USB for all

your gadgets.

Below  we will cover all the options that a custom power recliner can offer, which will make 

you want to forget about that old manual push back version you may have had.

             Power  Seat                                                      Power Articulating Head Rest

Instead of the manual push back recliner,                                       In addition to power seat ,an articulating power

an even more versatile addition, is the ability to                              head rest is available on many chairs. This is

push a button to recline the chair to your favorite position.               a great option to an old problem. In years past

The benefits of this is you can basically start and stop the               when you reclined in your chair, many times 

recliner in any position you want. A manual recliner has 3                depending on design, you were staring at the

positions, closed, TV, and reclined. A power recliner functions         ceiling. Well, now with a touch of a button the

through that same cycle, but can inch along anywhere in                   head rest articulates forward to allow a perfect

between and hold the spot where you are the most comfortable.       viewing of the TV or media.

             Power  Lumbar                                                                  Power  Lift

If you have a bad back or a sore back after a long                                The Power Lift is a specialty option for

day at work, the power lumbar may just be what is                              anyone who had special needs or may or

needed. Lumbar supports can be a mechanical                                    may not be elderly. It still functions as a

version where you turn a handle and it pushes the                               recliner but has an option with the touch  

lumbar area out for additional support  or the latest                             controls ( wand hand held) that you can

versions that are power.   These have an internal                                  utilize to have the chair stand you up from

lumbar pillow that inflates with a small compressor                              a seated position. If you have bad knees

filling the pillow to the comfort level you prefer.                                     or hip this will be a life saver.                              

Wall Hugger Reclining                                                                Memory Features

If you like reclining furniture but have a limited                                       Most people have a favorite position they

are on space then a wall hugger or wall away would                                like their chair to be in, well with memory

be for you. Wall huggers slide forward into the room                             it functions like your car seat. You can        

rather than back which allows you to position the recliner                    memorize that favorite position when you

close to a wall. Great option for  smaller spaces.                                         finally get that chair to that sweet spot.   


Massage Functions                                                                      Heated Seats

This options is newer feature to furniture and after                            This feature usually is available with a mass-

a long day with stiff joints, this may be a perfect                                 age function. This can give you the  best of

 relaxor.                                                                                            both worlds massage and heat, especially   

                                                                                                                          on  a cold day.

Media Home Theater Seating

Storage, Cup Holders, USB, Speakers, and Tray Tables, Lighting, Tablet holders, Re-Chargeable Battery packs

etc. might be other options you can find for your chair. Most of these tend to be features found on Home Theater

seating.  Talk about comforts at your finger tips!

 Power Recliner Lets you Customize Your seating

We are not getting any younger, and the Power feature will allow you to start and stop the chair in any position

as you just inch it along . Many have touch controls on the outside of the arm or on the inside next to the thigh


Some have a hidden feature on the side of the seat cushion when you slide your fingers down between the seat

and inside the arm area .

Lift Power Recliners

If you, or a relative have any mobility 

or a physical impairment that makes movement      

Power Lift Recliner

 difficult, then this type of recliner can be what

is needed.

No one likes the idea of being stuck in a chair

when you cannot close it manually.

Manual recline chairs are harder to shut due to

the fact the chair is spring loaded to open, but

then the springs work against you when shutting,

making it harder to pull "In" with your legs.

Older type recliners had a outside handle also which

helped in this closure, but the newer chairs

do not use that type of mechanism due to

customer request for aesthetic reasons.



Power Recliners No Longer Require Cords

   Power recliners require a 2 prong corded

connections to function. These have internal

motors that operate head,  seat and lumbar

features. Limitations may occur if the  recliners

does not sit near a plug or a wall.

Re-Chargeable battery packs are available for any

power  recliner. This allows you to charge the

battery and use it  over and over again without the need of cords being seen. Benefits of this, eliminates a

potential tripping hazard, and the freedom to flat that recliner anywhere in the room without being tethered to

a near by wall plug. Most of these on the market, when this article was written can be charged in 8 hours and

allow 200-300 opening and closing before a recharge. They will usually have a gentle sounding alarm to

remind you when it is time to re-charge. Some consumers buy two and rotate so one is always

available, especially if it stops when company comes .

What Other Type Of Power Recliners Are There?

ZG6 Zero Gravity Power Recliner

           Zero Gravity Recliners

      One can experience the amazing zero gravity

position at the touch of a button and discover

convenient comfort right at home. This recliner

allows ease of movement to an upright or reclined

position. Fluidly recline to the health-enhancing zero

gravity position for reduced stress on the back and

increased circulation. For added support, the lumbar

back pillow and head pillow can be adjusted to help

you find the perfect position for complete relaxation

or sleeping. 

We covered many types of recliners, and with all                             Quantum Euro Zero Gravity Power Recliner

the options and benefits it may be hard to choose

just one.  Keep in mind, power recliners are very

reliable and perform like you need. These chairs are

very customizable for color and other options.

If you are in the market for these any many other

types and brands, consider Leather Shoppes. 

We offer just about every type of recliner available in

the industry as far as features. Choose any color on most, and have 

them delivered in home anywhere in the USA for free *.

* some remotes areas may have a shipping surcharge